writer, director, editor
The Hazing
The Hazing
Feature-length film

A wealthy frat boy invites a group of college students to his secluded country house for winter break. During their stay, a violent sexual history struggles to remain unknown.

Directed by Sasha Alexander.

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קהילה (Keh-Hee-Lah)Keh-Hee-Lah Directed by Sasha Alexander & Myles Goldstein
קהילה (Keh-Hee-Lah)
Short Documentary
Premiered at Denver Jewish Film Festival (2020)

A disconnected Jewish filmmaker attempts to return to his roots by surveying a round table of Jewish leaders, who expound upon the importance of community and its interplay with the rabbinate.

Directed by Sasha Alexander & Myles Goldstein.

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