writer, director, editor


Psychological, Mystery
A neurology professor attempts to cheat death by escaping into his dreams amidst a city plagued by a series of bizarre murders.
Psychological, Thriller
Four vastly different people wake in isolated, color-coded rooms. They are introduced to The Voice, an omnipresent authority who enacts cruel tortures on each of them.
Horror, Drama
A wealthy frat boy invites a group of college students to his secluded country house for winter break. During their stay, a violent sexual history struggles to remain unknown.
Metafiction, Mystery
Lord Byron, John Polidori, Percy Shelley, and Mary Godwin find themselves trapped in the Villa Diodati for a period of three days. They tell each other stories to pass the time and soon realize that their gruesome tales are having effects on the villa itself.
A Place to Call Our Own
Psychological, Thriller
Follows a trio of young adults, a pair of serial killers, and a single detective attempting to piece together a bizarre and personal crime.